Tony and Millie’s son John and grandson Derek grew up...

...eating their delicious Italian ice recipes, homemade from fresh, locally grown fruit. When John and Derek think back on this tasty treat, memories of summer, fun and family resurface. John is one of 9 children, and Derek is one of 7 sets of quintuplets ever born in the United States. He and his siblings were born in 1975 down the street from Tony and Millie’s at Resurrection Hospital. As a historic phenomenon, over 200 newspaper articles were written around the globe to share this miracle. The family’s story is well-recognized in the community, and many of the family members still live in the neighborhood today. So when John and Derek developed a plan to share Tony and Millie’s fabulous Italian ice flavors, they knew they wanted to open shop in their hometown of Edison Park.

As a construction duo, John and Derek spent the winter together building out the shop. They traveled up to Northern Wisconsin to cut down a tree, which became the bar top. Tony and Millie’s images were burned into the grain. When looking at the ice bar, you’ll also see two pennies, which represent the birth years of Tony and Millie. Lit up ice blocks line the bottom of the bar, and the walls are detailed ice caves hand painted by a local artist. John and Derek also hammered out the front wall and installed a glass garage door, so the shop can be completely open on warm summer days. Just behind the bar is a beautiful piece of glass laser etched with Tony and Millie’s images.

In keeping with Tony and Millie’s love of supporting the community and paying it forward, John and Derek donate a percent of monthly sales to Shriner’s Hospital, which provides specialized care to children with orthopedic conditions, burns, spinal cord injuries and cleft lip and palate. And if you stop by Tony and Millie’s on Mother’s Day, every mom will have a rose in her hands to honor Millie who placed a small rose on every family member’s suit before they attended St. Tarcissus Church. Tony and Millie were always laughing, and they passed that joy along to their 9 children, 26 grandchildren and 16 great grandchildren. Tony always smiled and said “How sweet it is,” which soon became Tony and Millie’s slogan.